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Friday, August 22, 2008

I don't think I should come back during my study break

Ok la, this is not study break. But I think I should just stay in USM with the lizards on my study break.

I've been SO UNPRODUCTIVE for the past week. I've been throwing hours after hours in front of television and my petite laptop.

I did SOME research for my assignment, did some studying on phonetics which I think I would have to redo cause it will take LOTS of concentration to memorize their names, placings and sounds, read Oliver Twist for the fun of it and nothing else.

Why do I sound like a loser? Oh wait, I know, CAUSE I AM ONE!!!

I am considering not coming back during my study break. Will do me good. And since I'll be home alone anyway, I should really encourage my friends from other state to stay too.

Don't think they would though. One freaking week leh. Wait I go persuade them when I am back in my hostel.

USM is not fun to stay with horrible food but that's the only place I can get a SLIGHT concentration. I know why, the internet sucks and I don't have television there. We have television, I just don't watch television there.

I'm starting to bore my readers with words. So sien one.

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