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Monday, August 11, 2008

Sick + Assignments (presentations dan kawan-kawan)

= ?

A half dead Ping Ping.

T.T So tired la. And this is just my first year, my first sem.


I think I am tired cause I'm sick though I am pretty sure Wei Wei will raise both hands and legs to protest. Not because she is not tired, but because she is tired even when she is not sick. She has been complaining of too much work until no time to rest. The last I spoke to her, she was looking for BEST holiday activity to use up her one week holiday next week. WTF right?

I am here, half dead, memorizing my presentation (scare the shit outta me now), and she is LOOKING FOR BEST HOLIDAY ACTIVITY!!! Means she looked for many and now trying to see which is better. =.="

Oi weiwei, we have assignments to hand in and presentation to do after the holiday lor!!!!

Cold blankie cold blankie. =)

WTF??!!!! Wei~~~h, better do something productive lor. Don't read CLEO CAN OR NOT? I will jealous leh!!!!

ps: the kawan-kawan on the topic is NOT my friends, but presentations' friends.


weiwei said...

why u so tired wan? ponteng bm d still tired? HAHHAHAHAAH wah so gam dong u talked bout me in this post hahahahahha but not counted as friendship day present ok!

Mrs Chong said...

FRIENDSHIP DAY PRESENT....friendship day present. In fact this is also the christmas, birthday (for next year) and friendship day's present. =) 3 in 1.

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