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Friday, August 29, 2008

Merdeka Walk

I was too tired to take pictures while walking. Walk up and down the hill around USM, then tell me you are not tired. T.T I got extra burden mar (fats I mean).

Yee Teeng and I in front of Fajar Harapan. Only 4 Chinese girls from Fajar Harapan. =((

Another one cause we complain cannot see the words well. Ha-ha.

My room mate and I with the banner.

The End

ps: Wei Wei say hi to my bottle.


U-Jean said...

hi ping ping,

i wrote something in my blog that i would like you to read and maybe help to put it in your blog as well.

Thank you and sorry i'm using this as a dissemination channel.

weiwei said...

hello bottle wtf hahahahahahaha.

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