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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I am going back

and someone is not going to be happy.

Not cause I am going back.

But cause....

I am bringing two luggage that Pao and I brought to Sg the other time. T.T Too heavy to put in one. XD So I put two, which is heavier since the bag is complete with wheels.

I'll be home and Pao'll be ON CALL. SO SUAY.

PS: Not cause I won't see her around much/ see her always moody but because I'll have to follow her. =.=" There goes my sleep-until-sun-shines-on-my-backside-holiday.

PPS: I quote myself. " The easiest way to save money is to spend OTHER'S!!!!!" So mean and unrelated to the post, but oh well.

PPPS: I waved to a junior WHO APPARENTLY FORGOT ME!!! I so easy to be forgotten or she has bad memories? I hope it's the latter.


weiwei said...

WHY ALWAYS SAY U'RE GOING BACK! i'm not happy hahahahaha and what zaman is this.. u still use typewriter?

Mrs Chong said...

last time la wei mum's work need to use typewriter. I feel I very power...u jealous...

ok ok...i am sorry wei wei...I AM HOME!!!!

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