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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It is never easy to borrow money from people.

There I was, sitting in that hall, with like 200 other people, waiting for our turn to submit our forms and start smelling money.

I woke up at about 8 and Yi Lin called me shortly after to tell me that she got a number for me. The whole thing was at one of the hall at her hostel. So she offered to get the number for me (thank God).

I went to wash my face and then changed and walked to her hostel. It was about 5 minutes walk there for me (I think). So upon reaching, I had to borrow another friend's cellphone and called her.

And smart me, I conveniently FORGOT the entire stack of documents that I am supposed to hand in. I brought only the supporting documents. So I had to walk back to my hostel and get it. So another 5 minutes walk back and 5 more to the hall once again.

And guess what? That's not the worst. I waited there for FREAKING 7 hours till it's my turn. I almost became a stone la. Seriously, I was impatient, I was tired, I was grumpy and all that.

I finally get to sit on that precious chair in front of that pegawai and hand it in at 4. There goes my holiday but at least I got it in and hopefully, in fact, they better show me numbers when I check my account in two weeks time. If not, lagi sakit hati.

It was a long day which ended with a theater we had to attend to do an assignment and of course, internet connection. I had a hard time onlining the whole of yesterday and half a day today.

=)) I am happy now cause it's over but, I WILL NOT BORROW MONEY FROM PEOPLE. So ma fan ar......

I'm a strong girl. I'll survive this. =)


Jen said...

when i borrow mine.
we haave to wake up at 5am
freak! 5 am k?
and when we go there.
the line is freaking long d! some ppl even come at 4am just to line up!!
crazy pity pity n!

Mrs Chong said...

SIAO AR????!!!!!!!!!! Madness....

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