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Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's time

to go back USM. The life over there is okay la.

But haih, one more week there before I can come back.

I should be thankful it's only for a week. But I don't get to play like go-kart over there.

Anyway, back to studying, back to class, back to a normal life. =( SHIT, WHERE IS MY MC?

While packing bag, I did feel sad la. Who wouldn't? Although just for a week.

Haih, study la, for future. GAMBATEH!!!!!!! =( I am a sad sad girl. With a weird elbow.

Hurt like what only.


Doralin Lee said...

Hey! Cousin, you go back to USM only for... let's see, 4 days only leh not even a week leh. I have to go back to KKB for one whole month oh! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! lagi sakit otak, lagi frust oh!!!!

Mrs Chong said...

still sad... =( Although feel very lucky but still feel very sad...

Cuz lazy walk to class, lazy wash baju, lazy clean own room, speaking of which, must change bed sheet...hopefully no lizards lar...

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