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Monday, August 18, 2008


I really need to start studying or doing my assignments.

I am having my mid term next week and if I don't start studying, I'll die in a very horrible manner. lolx, this reminds me of adverb clause.

I'll die horribly. The word horribly is an adverb.

To change it into an adverb clause, I will have to write it this way, "I'll die in a horrible manner."

I am doing my revision, COOL! XD

Anyway, I thought I am done with the mid term for that paper. Chieh.

I am going to Yi Lin's workplace on Wednesday for interview. Then I should go to Mum's office for a day to really sit down and do my assignment. Oh God, why am I so indiscipline? =(

Oh and I cannot join the Nuffnang gift thingie cause THAT PAGE JUST WONT LOAD!!!!!


weiwei said...

dun study dun study dun study dun study. hope u kena terpengaruh by my chanting d. ahhahahahahahahhaha

Mrs Chong said...

walao...I AM STUDYING!!!!!!! Nyek nyek nyek

Anonymous said...

Urm, i don't mind you studying but i hope you will not neglect exercising your fingers by blogging cause reading your blog and Kenny Sia's blog made my day.. :) Have to keep your fingers healthy bah.. Hehe..

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: walao, I GOT FANSEE AR???And she reads mine and Kenny Sia's and we made her day. That's very flattering...I'll blog..haha..

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