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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Fat Chance

Was reading Swee Win's blog bout her being stuck in the lift (how I don't know, perhaps walk too slow? Tak sempat go in lift. XD), well, will never happen to me.

I had to walk up to my room every day, few times a day (cause I very hiao, 2 hour break also want to go back). I always feel like I am out of breath when I reach and soon enough, when I see stairs, flights and flights of stairs, I get weak knees. So....haiseh, that aside.

I will never have the chance to be stuck in a lift (not because of too fat) with a handsome boy (although he probably will be looking at his nails wtf. Don't even want to see me). And I am glad. You think I so desperate is it? Want to kap zai until got stuck in the lift also rela.


And er today we had to sell something for our keusahawanan project. If I cannot clear my stock, MAMI, rugi I. So I better go kacau my hostel friends to buy. XD

My group. =)


Swee Win said...

what tak sempat masuk lift??
its masuk already n got stuck in it lar friend !! read properly..
tht day got lizard on my baju..but idin scream.. cuz i was sleepy n i just like sapu it so PROUD of myself fren ! lol .n i continued sleeping.. so cool huh ?

Mrs Chong said...

win: i purposely one...hahahaha...anyway..i am so proud of u goes on to prove tht nothing can stop you from sleeping!!!!!!

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