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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hot day

Today's weather is insanely humid. I think I am not allergic to seafood, thank God, Amen.

I'm a prawn's fan k?? The whole family knows it. Ping is a big fan for seafood. She's extraordinary happy when she sees them. I guess it's because you rarely get to eat seafood. It's not something people will eat daily so when you get to eat it, it's luxurious food so of course you'll feel happy. RIGHT?

Anyway, will only be able to blog about Church Camp when I'm back from Langkawi and I have a feeling that I will not be able to do it. You know, my procrastination skills is quite power (read: New Zealand's post is still incomplete.)

Church Camp was definitely an eye opener  I would say. I've learnt a lot in those three days two nights and I've get to know more people. But I have a feeling that our social circle did not grow bigger. I was completely drained and stuffed (literally). Drained with lack of sleep and stuffed with many things to digest- food for the tummy (buffets- first dinner was shocking), food for the brain, food for my spiritual life.

We were well-fed, in fact, I think we were over-fed. And I have a bad feeling I put on the 3 kgs I would gain if I stay at home for two months in that three days two nights stay there. Can totally feel the tummy man. But I'm back in USM, that means meals without meat. So I'll feel less guilty and my pocket will be saved.

Anyways, tonnes of assignment to be done before I leave for Langkawi on Thursday. =))

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