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Friday, August 28, 2009

Typical Rainy Day

7.45 am - Woke up because the room mate is walking around the room. Roll on the bed for few more minutes.

8.00am - Drag self out from the bed. It's still raining. =( Lazily got up to go wash up (This includes slow mo walk while dragging one's feet to the super far away toilet)

8.20am - Slab 1000 essential facial stuff on the face and got changed.

8.30am - Grab some biscuits and still contemplating whether or not to sleep in and skip the class.

8.40am - Due to kia su-ness, dragged self to leave that cozy room out to the cruelly cold air not before folding up one's jeans to the nerd level. Scared will got it wet. (Got wet anyway, so be cool and leave it down.) Got one's shoe flying off while walking to class because one decided to wear sandals instead of sport shoes (Read: flood)

8.50 am - Reach the class class and began the 1 hour torture.

10 am - Got out of class and smell the air of freedom. With that overworked umbrella, walked back to the library and wrote this post.

If only I chose the road less taken. Perhaps I'm still in the room, cuddling my bibi, sleeping under that cozy blanket, listening to raindrops and smiling. Sigh, such is the life of a student. Rain or shine man. Rain or shine.


reddaisie said...

let me write my version.

Mrs Chong said...

read urs...mine more interesting... =P

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