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Friday, July 04, 2008

I'm BACK!!!

It has been 6 days since I last saw my blog. Serious, I did not even got anywhere close to computer to catch a glimpse of it. I was too tired to even think about my blog or internet or even computer. We did not have 5am-run-up-the-hill orientation but we did have the lompat longkang route to get to the hall where we were fed with dosages of sleeping pills.

The hall and that is Zabri or something. Lol, our PPMS who helps us not to sesat. WHAT? I sesat when they stopped bringing us okay. T.T So scary.

My teacher-to-be friend. Very funny and cute girl. Also my neighbour.

I was too bored and I found out my handphone can take such shots. Syoks.

We can now sleep as soon as we get in the hall, with or without the presence of sleeping pills. Trained for it already. XD Lots of walking, running around, rushing to bathe, rice, washing clothes, listening to talks and fishing, in the hall. =D

Bwahahaha. Those big shots in USM. =P

Living in USM during the orientation makes it seems like I am in another state, another city all together. No one speaks to you in hokkien there, there's no hokkien mee or any other chinese mee there, you practically eat, shit and sleep there. Thank god it is only for the orientation.

Some Canselor. XD I don't listen in hall la.

Me, my friend Chin Wei and another one who shares room with me, Huey Chian.

Chin Wei is not a photo girl. Always look elsewhere. Three new friends I met. Xuan Yi, forgot, Yen Loo (super cute with her Johor slang hokkien.)

Lol, Xuan Yi dipotong.

And one thing that got me very surprised is that my blog visitors still remains around 70 plus because I expected it to go down to like 20 people a day which is a very sad case la. I'll be starting my class next Monday. Just got to know that my course is not interpreting

and translating what artiste or any big shot says but more to translating a book which is shitty la. T.T Science book leh. But salary is good, so yes, considerable. I major in BATI(Translation and Interpretation) and minor in English which will help me to improve my English~duh.

The Longkang.
Us during the Walkrobik event. Won cheering which got me sore throat and voiceless now. Yee Theeng, Sook-Yien, Pei Wern and Ping Ping. All my neighbours, right and left. =P Now pindah far a bit but still one row.

Me and Vivian. Another super hot friend. =P

I miss Emmoes and Bentengz. T.T Seen quite a few familiar faces like those from Chung Ling, Gracie, Wei Wei, Diana Phuah, Li Ling etc etc etc. XD But yes, am loving it but well, still a long long way to go. Now I should go market for breakfast. =) Will get a laptop and online in uni very soon. Cannot not blog.

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