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Thursday, September 17, 2009

What's the use of an umbrella

if it has holes???

Still got my shoulders wet. in.serious.need.for.a.workable.and.reliable.umbrella.

Sigh, it's bad enough that I need to walk all the time.

Somehow when you are in a place where you lack stuff, you'll be more thankful. Like when you are walking to class and someone offered you a ride (never happened before to me though), or someone treats you something (usually I treat myself to the RM2.20 Bakti rice-trust me, RM2.20 is really overpriced for what I took), or just a good umbrella. A good, workable umbrella.

I told my sis to tell my mum that the umbrella she gave me, although big, has holes. And my mum thought I told her the umbrella is 'ho' (read: good in hokkien). So funny la my Shirl. 'Pua kang' (read: Got holes) la..'boh ho' (read: not good) la...Comel la my Shirl.

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