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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back in this place.

See? I can't even bear to call it by a proper name. Hah, just kidding. As much as I don't like coming back, I have to admit, there's occasionally fond memories. Wei Wei, hold your tongue thankyouverymuch.

I'm back, with assignments I did not do during holidays, story books I never got around to finish reading (i really should finish them) and much more. I can't say I totally hate this place because I know Him better here and I believe I am placed here for a reason, a reason only He knows while it's for me to find out.

=)) End of holidays, now get back to work!!!!

Pictures from Emmoes outing. If you noticed, I stopped writing outing post or food post and I rarely upload pictures now. I guess because I've uploaded them in Facebook and anyone who would want to see my pictures are my friends thus in my Facebook so there's no such need to blog about it anymore.

Bad I know but sigh, what to do? Anyways, we are all grown ups now. If you notice, even June has grown out of her specs and every one, I think there's a need to stress this. EVERYONE is with make-up now. =)) And everyone looks so good with make-up (although we looked ok without make-up). We can now exchange make-up tips. *beams*

Love you girls. It's amazing how after 4 years, despite studying in different courses, different places, we can still go to malls, hang out, eat, play games, camwhore like we used to back when we were 17. It's amazing how the things we talk about are still the same, we can still laugh over the same thing and we've not grown apart, not one bit. Instead I believe we are much closer now compared to when we were younger. Please, keep it this way.

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