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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm glad I can still smile

and laugh over the things I used to write. Which is a good thing cause it means whether that thing was a sad thing then or not, I grown out of it.

<3 blogs. Reminds me of things I used to do and the style I used to adapt last time due to peer pressure and surroundings. Those gila artiste years, those gila taiwanese dramas years, those emo-nemo years, those bentengs years.

=)) happy.

Is this why you blog too? To remind yourself about you. About who you really are, despite the fact that whatever I type now is no longer type and publish but type, read, edit, check, read, think twice, think thrice, and then publish or keep as draft. I think it's one of the way I stay who I am, stay grounded and see myself grow (mentally, not physically. Wont want to see that =s)

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