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Wednesday, September 09, 2009


And you have to blog on this day. You can skip blogging on your birthday (because if you do blog, it's kind of sad since you kind of declared to the world that you are very sad and pathetic and got free time to blog during your birthday *runs off to check*. I blogged on my birthday T__T.

Anyway, it's 09.09.09 and it's supposed to be a very good day (cause of the number). So I guess people will be getting married today. And I'm not and I've got nothing to blog.

Anyway, will be going to Langkawi for the mother's birthday. Seriously, we've been travelling for our birthday lately. Began with Pao's Pangkor trip, then my Bangkok trip, then Che's Langkawi trip and now mummy's Langkawi trip again. <3 it. Next year I hope they'll bring me to Australia as my birthday trip. =P I enjoy such birthday more. Time spent with family and people who really cares instead of throwing a huge party and inviting everyone. I think I enjoy being pampered more than layan-ing people during my birthday.

Out of topic but nevermind. =))

**Have not been putting up pictures lately. =(

Can update pictures in USM!!!!! Taken during Hooi Shan's be-earlied birthday. <3


Mad Maureen said...

yup, agree... it's better to be pampered during birthday (through vacation) than inviting everyone to come and busying yourself (like in the MTV's sweet 16 reality show which i dun see the point why they are stressful during their own birthdays).. ;) cool, better to spend this special day with people who's close to you~!

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: yea...why fuss about how the people will feel??It's YOUR day...I think it's only fair that you stopped layan-ing people for once.

Swee Win said...

going langkawi! no class ah!
bestnya. tell ur mum o wish her happy bday too
! hehe.. enjoy ur trip ya :D

Mrs Chong said...

win: skip one...hehehe...yea..will tell her that her cucu wishes her happy birthday... =P

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