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Monday, September 14, 2009

I see no end to this

Sometimes it really feels like that. I've just announced last week that I've finally finished with all my assignments. Then I was given a presentation and I actually am having another one this week (means two presentation) because I completely forgot about that presentation.

Then I thought ok, it could be quite tedious to prepare for two presentations but oh well, I can rest during Raya break right? So it was still bearable although I admit I was having a mind block for a while (so much so that I cannot even sms.) Then this afternoon, our lecturer told us that she'll give us our assignment topic tomorrow.

There's is no end to all these. They keep coming. And people are telling you, "Hey, cheer up, uni life/the life of a student is the best you can ever have ok? After you finish with your uni and started working, you'll miss uni life." Sometimes it feels like there's nothing to hope for. There's no tomorrow to look forward too because hey, this is the best one already. Tomorrow will be worse.

But we cannot keep living in the past can we? In fact, we got no choice. We have to keep living, like it or not. The big boss up there is saying, "Hey, you have not done my job, don't you come back empty handed." And because we are obedient child, we look up and say, "Ok la ok la, I do la I do la" and proceed to live another day. And since I got no choice, maybe I should look at it positively. (Yes, writers can change their opinion and mood as they like)

Taken at Yi Lin's 21st birthday.

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