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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Belated Birthday Wish to Yi Lin

Note: SO SORRY!!!!!! Was too busy yesterday. Actually onlined for like 20 minutes the whole of yesterday, which is an accomplishment - *pats self on the back* Good job Ping Ping.

*as usual, USMHotspot yang langsung tak hot cannot upload pictures, so bear with me.

Happy Birthday to the girl who is always, "Ok, sure, no problem" to everyone.
To the girl who sat beside me in Lower 6 when we had to sit at the back of the class. BESIDE DUSTBIN.
To a friend I've known for *counting with fingers* 7 years maybe?
To a friend who is ever so kind to help me and fetch me *gosh I have great friends*
To a camwhore in the making. *yes, we are converting all our friends to be camwhores*
<3 you lots.
May you get whatever you wished for. =))

*insert picture*

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