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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Do not

open doors for strangers.

And always learn a few tricks from the mother on how to say 'no' to the sellers. =)) *proud* 'Look ma, I said no to a seller!'

I bet my mum is very proud of me. =)) I was the type of person who'll give people the last RM10 in my purse for charity or stuff like that because I do not know how to say 'No!' I'm a grown up now. I've learnt all these the hard way.

Do not be ashamed when your mother say 'No' to these people, especially when they show you the what's-her-problem? look. Instead, be proud of your mummy. I love you Ma.

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Pao Pao said...

who came to sell u stuff?

Mrs Chong said...

a lady la...wanna sell me the APT's vouchers for haircut, wash and stuff...i am so poor k???

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