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Thursday, September 03, 2009

I'm emo

and I don't know why. I think it's just PMS. I'm sure it is.

And this song by 徐佳莹 – 失落沙洲 is not helping. =( Nope, not thinking of anyone but it's the song. I think Chinese songs are quite power. They make people feel very emo for no reason. Of course, the listener has to be some one who is easily emo- me.

Sigh, one of those days I wish I could curled up and sleep. But there's so many things to do, I cannot possibly curl up and sleep. I've just finished combining movie scripts. Pressing on ctrl+c and ctrl+v for 484 times has really taken it's toll on my short, fat fingers.

Poor fingers, I've decided to write a post to kind of like stretch it a bit.

Come on, you stretch your back when you got backache right? Stretch ur hands, ur legs, neck too when they aches right? So finger stretching is what my poor fingers need. They are rejoicing now, enjoying themselves, jumping around from one key to another. Cute lil' things they are.

I should get back to the assignment. =)) Hopefully I can get it done quick so that I can enjoy my church camp. No more lingering around tomorrow. Have to get my ass back to my room after BE+Bakti lunch to continue with my assignment. Will be best if I can get them done this week so that I can relax next week.

It's not fair to sit for Spanish test and not blog about them okay? It was....I would say not easy. The listening question was not hard but the speaker was super fast so I kinda got some and lost some and hentam-ed some. The numbers was a disappointment. I disappoint myself for forgetting. But all is well. =))

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