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Thursday, September 10, 2009

10.09.09 is even better than 09.09.09

Because it's the day my darling mother was born some years ago.
And you don't blog for all your friends' birthday and forget your mum's
Especially if your mum reads your blog 10 times a day and contributes a lot for the visits
Not only because she might boikot your blog if she didn't get one
Not only because she's the mother and hello, mother is very important
But also because she'll get kecil hati and no, you won't want your ATM to be angry with you right?
<3 you bu
Stay pretty, young and er, healthy. =P
Mummy and the pampered one during the latter's birthday.
Eye bags = checked, round face=checked, self-made curly hair=checked. I <3 looking like you. At least I'm certain I'm not some orphans you guys adopted when I was small *throw nasty stares at the sisters*
Us during the eldest sis's birthday.
Love you bu. See you tomorrow. =))


reddaisie said...

apa orphan orphan...
wanna kena issit?

Mrs Chong said...

=((( bully me...

Swee Win said...

happy bday ping2's ahbu! haha

Mrs Chong said...

win: ahbu's ahbu is happy... =))

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