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Friday, September 04, 2009

Another Friday has come

It's amazing how time flies. I mean it felt like it was just yesterday that I was complaining about class and my kia-suness that got me dragging my poor feet to class despite the heavy rain and the next thing I know, it's another Friday already. A sunny one this time.

This time, I no longer dread going to class because hey, it's Friday okay? And Friday deserves better treatment than any other weekdays solely because it's name is Friday. Gosh how I love going back home to be pampered. I have tonnes of assignments to settle before I leave for Church Camp tomorrow though. My first Church Camp, I wonder how it'll be like.

I'm glad I've started all my assignments. At least now I'm no longer looking at blank worksheets. Have to get back to my work. Cannot slack anymore. Been enjoying life wayyyyyyy too much. Sigh, how come I feel I sound nerdy when I am really not. Ok, maybe I am. Yay, I am nerdy. *hugs self* <3 the nerdy me.

Back to work. All work and no play makes Ping Ping a not so happy girl. =))

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