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Sunday, April 01, 2007

My hobby

Some people enjoy collecting stamps, some enjoy dancing, some enjoy sleeping while some enjoy doing nothing. For me, I like anything that has to do with music, artiste or drama. I love watching dramas, I love listening to song and I extremely love to chase artiste. I will try to attend any events where artistes go in Penang. Part of it is to see the artiste while another small tiny part of me is to see the people who were there to see the artiste. It's a very interesting thing especially when you can observe different people with different style, fashion and of all walks of life.

Ok, talking about my hobby, I went to see Evan Yo on Friday night at Gurney Plaza. He was very cool and kind of cute. Better looking in person I tell you. He is the one who sang 'Wo Ke Yi' and he is just 20. I'll just let the pictures do the talking. =) Yes, my pictures have super powers like me. They can talk. * to win only*

The crowd on the 2nd and 3rd floor.

The crowd on first floor

Evan Yo from where I can see him. I was at the 2nd floor.

The crowd and Evan Yo singing

The crowd from 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor. Mind you, this is only the people from the place I can take them. Didn't even include the people at my side.

Evan Yo singing

Evan Yo singing a song which he has to rap.

Singing while bending down for the fans to take pics.

The amount of people at the promo was pretty impressive for an indoor show in Penang. I mean I've never seen such a big crowd during any artiste's promo(indoor) and the girls can really scream. Scream so loudly that they make the guys felt challenged and the guys start shouting lovey dovey lines to Evan. ^^ It was fun to look at those people who went to see Evan Yo. Super fun I tell you. Heh, I love this kind of crowd. Will talk bout the other promos I went of other artiste soon. =) I'll keep them coming.

Go here for more Evan Yo's pictures and news. Join Pinkies World to keep updated with all this.

PS: This is to remind myself. I got 100 for bowling this week. I know this is nothing compared to those who can strike like drinking water but to me, it means a lot. At least I am improving and I hope to improve better.


zewt said...

i am sure you can hit 130 in no time if you practise regularly... get your own ball if you can.

Mrs Chong said...

hmm.. I think getting my own ball will have to wait...if it is not for the bowling practise I have for joining the club, I wouldn't have much chance to play bowling anyway. But hey,thanks for the encouragement. Now I am all pump up to hit 130. :P

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