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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Presents presents presents

Got a present from Su Ling today. Wan Mei passed it to me. It was a lovely pink pencil box which I will never put a pencil in it. Am thinking to use it as something else. Pencils and pens will make my pink pencil box turning black. I love it. It is from Extreme and I guess Su Ling patronize that shop quite often lately. I can suddenly feel that we are all grown up. We used to chip in like RM 5 or RM10 per person to get a present especially for Emmoes. We used to grumble if we have to pay too much. Things are so different now. We used to think that if there's party, there's present, no birthday celebration, no present. No matter how we love and enjoy mixing with each other, that was what we thought is the right thing to do. When I found out that Su Ling got me a present despite no invitation to any birthday party whatsoever. Life is pretty hectic lately and I don't even have time to gather my friends for a birthday eat out. If I can go, I have some other friends who currently are taking some exams in their college. It is so hard to get everyone together. I have yet to plan any belated birthday party. I have no time for it. It sounds funny coming out from me. Anyway, I was really surprised to get presents from Win and Su Ling because they are the members of Emmoes and this is the first time I think, I get personal presents from them. Will treasure them like my baby, I promise. Again, thank you Su Ling from the bottom of my heart.

My pretty in pink pencil box. Love it. So pink and pretty. Me likey.

So nicely wrapped up present.

So after school I went to mum's office and we left shortly after that. We went to pass some documents and headed to the Padang Tembak post office. If you have remembered bout the surprise my second sister gave me in the previous post *click here*, I went there to collect the parcel she sent. I reached there slightly before 4 and got my parcel.

My parcel. All the way from NZ. Safely reached Penang on the 5th of April and safely in my hands on the 10th of April. =) I don't think the postman touched it. Thank you Mr. Postman.

I found things that I like in there. It is really touching to see them because it may be random but it shows that my sisters actually do listen to me when I tell them what I want even during normal shopping outing. They listen and they remember. I love them so much.

Things in the parcel.
:: Two boxes of jelly powder which I love. My sis say NZ's jelly powder is nicer. Hee
:: Two boxes of dessert powder, Vanilla and Choc. Who want to try? I cook then I belanja you guys. I love the cooking part.
:: MISO SOUP!!!!! I tried looking for them in Penang but I can't find those in small packages like this. I love MISO SOUP!!!
:: A homemade ice-cream powder or something. I am so excited to try that. Never tried cooking ice-cream on my own.
:: Three gorgeous looking necklaces. Though my photography skills might make it look less attractive. But I love them. Did I miss anything?
:: A love letter. Not the biscuit. Is a real love letter from her. So sweet. I love them all. Have yet to try any of the things yet. Who wants to try the stuff? =)

Back to the presents. I only take pictures of the two necklaces because another one seem to have a very thin chain and it keeps getting tangled up. Mum is still figuring out how to fix it. This is why I was so tired that day. Couldn't even update my blog. I spent 2 and a half hours fixing it and it got tangled up within minutes. I love the crown, the skull, the whole necklace, but the chain, so lembut. Will try to fix it and wear it. Love you Pao, thanks for the prezzie. I was and still am definitely showered with presents, love, hugs and kisses. Love them all.

ps: If you think you saw the necklaces before then yes, you did. They are from Diva. But mine are from NZ Diva. Still cost a bomb and my sisters spent a lot for me. Thank you darlings. =)

pps: My mum is so funny. She insisted on buying me things. The conversation was short but funny.

Mum: I want buy something for you.
Ping: What you want to get for me?
Mum: Bracelet maybe?
Ping: But I got lots of bracelets already. And I do not find any new bracelet that I wish to have
Mum: But then I want you to take picture of the presents I give you and post in your blog. Pao and Ying's presents are in there. *making her muka merajuk*

Lol. So I think blogging is good. I can get lots of presents like this. Hee


zewt said...

yes, staying tune. hah!

ItchyHandseng said...

hahaha ur mom jealous dee hor??

reddaisie said...

yay!!u got my prezzies...glad u love them..yea it's a bit random but i know u like those stuff..hehhee the chain a bit sad..but then maybe if u hang it up it won't get tangled??? must wear it yea???i tak sampai hati wanna buy for myself but i bought 3 for u leh..:P

Anonymous said...

i know wud u can use it for d! if u still havent use it la. haha.. use it as a make-up case..can simpan eyeliner,mascara ( tho u tak guna) ,lipgloss ,lipbalm, mirror.. can bring it with u wehn u go kai kai..its quite small ryt.. hehe..

Mrs Chong said...

yea yea...wait till i dare to wear contacts then it'll come in handy... =P

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