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Friday, April 06, 2007

1st present in 2007

Technically speaking, Pao's present should be first. However, because I have yet to get hers from the post office *hope Pak Postman didn't harass my present*, I have to declare my eldest sis's present as the 1st. I will love all the presents just the same, so please, don't be unhappy okay? So Che came back about 11 just now, walked in with lots of bags, I did not pay much attention because I saw the herbalife box.

Che : Got surprise for you.
Ping : What? What? Imaginations running wild.
Che: Give me a hug 1st *after hugging* This.
A small bag from S&J. A beautiful pink box in there with a real beautiful ribbon. Grinning from ear to ear. A watch. I love them.
Che: One more. This. *passing me adidas plastic bag*
Ping : What? More? Oh my god. So happy. A real nice bag from adidas. I am in heaven. Enough said.

Then Su Ling said she has presents for me. Pink one. Now tell me, is this love or what? I feel so loved. Damn I shouldn't even be moody. I got so many people who loves me. *still grinning*

Pictures now. By the way, please tolerate with me cause there will be many many post to come about my birthday I think. At least 2 to 3. I am in the urge to blog. I love my life.

My bag and that pink box I love

That box which keeps my watch safe. XD

My brand new Mickey watch. Love I tell you. This is love.

Note: The JJ song is still very much needed. Send in your applications ya? Hee.


reddaisie said... nice...see...i told u..u are very much loved

Mrs Chong said...

jealous or not jealous or not? So nice rite? aiyo...i so sayang the bag la...more presents up...will post up but I think if each day I post, surely many post on presents...cuz there are still presents yang belum sampai...

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