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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Characterics Of Depression

Some time last month, befrienders came to our school to give us a talk. Then they gave us some hand outs. One of them is about characteristics of depression. Win took that paper out and I decided to check whether she has the symptoms or not. So here goes...

Ping : Do you feel sad or in despair?
Win : Nope, what is despair?
Ping : Hee, I also not so sure. Next, how bout hopeless?
Win : Nope. Is useless the same as hopeless?
Ping : I don't know wor. Ok, what bout guilt?
Win : Nope, don't have guilt
Ping : What? Don't you feel guilty for eating nuggets in class just now? Nevermind, how bout loss of interest.
Win : Nope, *not even during Maths. She has Greek blood in her*
Ping : Hmmm.. Are you easily tired? *Pointing on loss of energy*
Win : Don't have wor.
Ping : Are you retarded?
Win: What? Retarded? Of course don't have la.
Ping : No no. Not retarded, psychomotor retardation. Don't even know what is that.
Win : Nope. I don't think I got depression la.
Ping : Wait la. Difficult to concentrate.
Win : Yes, when Ping is around.
Ping : =.=" How bout feel forgetful?
Win : Heh, all the time. *remember what you once forgot? hee*
Ping : Withdrawal. Maciam don't want to go out of your house, hide in the room and things like that.
Win : *Shaking head while answer* don't have la.
Ping : Low self-esteem? Like la you will ever have, I know I have la.
Win : Sometimes. =)
Ping : Increased irritability *slowly touch her hand with my finger. The Shan Shan way*
Win : Eh, don't touch me la.
Ping : Okay, got easily irritated. What about difficulty in making decisions? Like you don't know want to eat bread or eat biscuits. *I know, what a lame example*
Win : Got got!
Ping : Hor. This one confirm don't have one. Wakes up few hours early than usual in the morning. I think this one till next life also impossible to happen.
Win : Hmph! Next life I be tree. No need to wake up. >=) (Translate to hokkien, funnier)
Ping : Haha.. Be a tree.. Cho ciu zhang.. How bout loss of appetite? You baru curi makan nuggets, I think your appetite is alright la.
Win : Chieh.. -.-

Few minutes later....
Win : I want to see aeroplane!! *Aeroplane's noise outside*
Ping : Go see lor.
Win : Aeroplane, aeroplane, aeroplane *while clapping hands softly*
Ping : =.="

This is what we do when we are too free in class. Of course we also talk to each other bout our secret and also we gossips and laugh for no reason at all at times. But we often laugh till sakit perut. Because muscle tired. Hee.

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