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Friday, April 13, 2007

My List.

We are all on our way to be famous. Well, maybe a little bit more famous than we are now. The purpose of this My List thing is to help Malaysian bloggers gain exposure and ranking. It helps to improve Pagerank and Technorati rank of Malaysian blogs. Although I read it thoroughly unlike Mr. Itchy, I still do not really understand. =( I just do whatever this blog says. Don't know correct or wrong. Just follow blindly. Let's hope it is the right way because Ping Ping wants to be famous!!! XD

My List Participants

Giddy Tigers
Make Money Online: Exploring The Dark Side of Blogging
Xilly's Blog
Malaika Xiao Yü
My Home Recipe
SQKIKI’s Simple Tech
Nukilan Jejari Azhad
Just My Lil' Organic Life
Oooh La La...
Weird World of MerapuMan
Fibre Art
The World at My Fingertips
Organic Income
Organic Parade
Shopping Flavor
Daily postings of a chung ling student
Something about LAI
KennyP’s Technology Blog
Women Mumbles
Lyon & Wien
Under The SUN
Crumbs In Life…
SotongZai's Flow In the Ocean
Christene's Kitchen
[ Wood ] [ Earth ] [ Cheap ] [ Flight ]
Ah Ling's blog
Memoirs.:*CRoSs mY hE@Rt
vivivava Design
My Mothering Corner
Shoppingmum’s Home Office
My Filling Station
Shopping Mum
All about Beauty
Shoppingmum and Kids
Notes from my heart
Joy Montessori
wahlau's online hut
Cedric’s Asylum
mott’s mutterings
Just My Thoughts
Incoherent Ramblings
Make Money Online with Malaysia Love AGLOCO
Funky Cookies
Earn Money Blogging
PabloPabla's Whatever
Make Money with Blogging
Paris Beaverbanks
Free Links Giveaway
Free Blogger Templates
Making a Living
How to be a Better Blogger
My Women Stuff
Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food
Best Recipes
Champagne Tastes on a Beer Budget
Daryl's Discovery Journey
The fluff must go somewhere
Fame is just a click away. =) So, let's be famous.


Wickedsa said...

oh my god..
we posted the same thing almost at the same time!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello hello, thanx for linking me up there! Cheers for u!

ItchyHandseng said...

aiks y call me Mr Itchy 1
i dun wan to sound so old can anot?hahahaha.

Baby sa:u 2 secocok betul.:P

Xilly said...

Hi, I am one in the list. Thanks for the link. :)

Mrs Chong said...

mr itchy mr itchy mr itchy...blek...not old just sound....itchy...hehehhehe...

michelle and cedric..hie..nice blogs u guys got there... =)

zewt said...

wat a way to get links... so in the end... everyone and anyone will be linked to each other... and everyone will rise up the ranking...

i seriously think it should stop.

Mrs Chong said...

mr zewt: honestly hor, I did not go around adding those people also la. Just few blogs that I visited and find them worth reading. Heh, I guess it depends on how each people actually take blogging as and how they view it kua. =)

zewt said...

hmmm.... they say they will send you a mail on june 15 and everyone is supposed to update their list right? hmmm... i wonder how many ppl will do it...

this means... the person who started it will be in all the blogs, cos his blog is the first being link....

co-incidentally... his blog is about making money. so he is using you all to boost his ranking so that he can make more money.... in the name of malaysia boleh... sigh.

Mrs Chong said...

hee...u go check ah? I don't read his blog also. I read other people's. Too bad la, put in my blog no use one, not much people come one. =)

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