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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Just when

we are out of topics to blog, my MUET teacher suddenly comes to our class and gave us 41 topics. Well, not to blog about of course, but to present in class. And she gave me wrong signals ok? *not the I-Like-You signals la.*

After Pak Mydin's retirement assembly, we went back to class and minutes later, teacher came in. Then she started giving us a small box with papers in it.

Teacher : Go ahead and draw a paper. It might be your lucky number you know? *looking rather cheeky. She always has the face that makes you scared of what she is thinking.*
Students whispering : Eh, do what one? Change our place again meh? But she is not our form teacher, can change meh? Is it for speaking? Won't so sui kua. Maybe is personality test la.

I got number 16, Win gets 36, Jaslyn, 31, Yi Lin, 26, Shan,17 and Cheng Ling 10.

Teacher: Ok, remember your numbers. *Starts writing on the blackboard.*
Me: Heh, teacher looks so happy, must be personality test la. I am pretty obsessed with personality test lately.
Teacher: Speaking 7. Individual presentation. Maximum time, 5 minutes. There will be 41 titles.
Students: WHAT? Speaking? Scary la. *giggles while reading those 41 topics we must talk on*
Cheng Ling: Oh god, 'beauty contest should be banned'?
Me: Of course. So unfair to the not so pretty one. Some more teenagers will get eating disorder just to look good for the contest. Plus, they only judge the girls on one limited period.
Shan: Ya la. Like they have this contest for 3 months, they only judge these girls for 3 months. So unfair.
Me: Heh, mine is 'A small family is better than a big family'. Did before the essay at Felix's. =)
Shan: 'Women should be treated as man's equal'.
Me: Good what?
Shan: Do her usual smile like the one in the emoticon.
Yi Lin: Good health is better than abundant wealth.
Jas Lyn: 'It is better to be a commoner than to be a royalty'. Hmm..
Me: Watch 'Goong'. Sure can relate the whole thing in class. Hehe..
Win: Should euthanasia be permitted? Huh? What is that?
Me: Huhu, I don't know.

I admit I have lots of opinions for everyone's topics. I talk a lot in class but then that's the way I express myself ma. Debate over the topics with Cheng Ling and Shan a while. The gay topic got us carried away but it was a nice discussion. =) So excited to share with my classmates but I have stage fright. And teacher would be drawing to see who is doing first. Scary cat. But well, will be writing on the topics given soon.

Note: I think I am out of my mind already. I was opening this person's friendster and there's this faint song and I was like, " Eh, I think I heard something la. Some weird music. Where it comes from?" Then, eh, the friendster page la. Buat susah go and think where it comes from.


reddaisie said...

euthanasia is ending a person's life before they die in cancer patients or comatose patients. In a way it's killing. But then again some argues that it's better to let them suffer less since u know they will die eventually..But it's still killing rite??'s kinda's up to the individual..should we play GOd (and decide who should die today or tmr)..or should we just let the person go when the time is up. A very interesting topic.

ItchyHandseng said...

Haha Have fun speaking

Mrs Chong said...

yea..swee win got tht topic..mine is rather boring la..big family small family..but will definitely try to make it a lil interesting..every topic is worth debating on... =)

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