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Monday, April 30, 2007


Tagged by Vege. Look for his link on my blog friends list la. So many tag don't want to tag me, tag me with this one. =(

Rules: For those who are being tagged, you are required to write a story about one of your crush, be it a current or previous crush. To be exactly different from the common tags, there is no questions imposed this time. All you have to do is to write a story about him/her. Also, five persons will need to be tagged at the end of the post. This tag is originated from Truly***Mic ( You must post up these rules before you start writing.

I do not have crush on people la. Okay, I like guys with strong jaws. And these strong jaws are defined by me. Heh. If people ask me, why you like him? I say cause he got strong jaws. You know Kevin from BSB? I used to like him. Strong jaws!! Anyway, when I was in Form3, I went to a camp. It is not a crush actually. That very year, almost the whole Emmoes went for that camp. So at that time, we were all choosing which Exco we like. So I guess that's how the whole thing happened la. I did not really had crush on him actually. Just that he had these strong jaws, he was humorous and he talked a lot. I guess because I enjoy talking, I like people who talks a lot too. However, he was among the not so handsome ones. Hah. There are several with real pretty boy faces. But I chose him because of his strong jaws. That's all ler. Never see him after the camp. He don't know me, I know him. End of story.

At that time, during the whole camp period, we actually sat down in our campsite and curi-curi peep at these Exco. I think the emmoes will remember who they like. =)

Sorry vege for such a short answer. =) I can't really remember the whole thing

1. Pao
2. Ah Shan
3. Wei Wei
4. Chen Seng
5. Alisa


sHaN sHaN said...

Swt SWt...y la tagged me wit dis question...blek!!!

Mrs Chong said...

hahaha..the same thing I asked the one who tagged me... =)

weiwei said...

eh. KEVIN from BSB!! hahahah.. we used to associate our names with theirs. ping-kev!!! hahaahahah.. i'll TRY to do the tag. hahahaha. sorry lah.

wei-J (AJ) =)

ItchyHandseng said...

Eh u tagged chen seng nv tagged Itchy right?hahah
Wah lau,this 1 difficult tagged la.Dun wan to do can bo?hehe.I'll try guarantee.

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