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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Post birthday.

Note: I have updated the 3103 is love with pictures. Click here to see them. Leave comments ya? The best feeling about blogging is having people to leave you messages. So please, make me feel good about blogging. =)

Now that my big day is over, it is Ee Ming's big day pulak. Every year, when I stopped being excited over my birthday, he starts his. So yes, I wished him last night, when my day is over. Here again I shall say...

He doesn't read my blog either. Hee.

I am gonna thank these people.
Not in proper order.

108 . wah keong . wei wei . win . Diana . che . mum . dugong . ling ling . su ling . june . grace lim . ah shan!!!!!! . win’s mum . ju-yen . ewe yan . angeline . chih heng . jas lyn . ngiap ai . cheng ling . yi yin. ying mei. su ching. jin ping . shu xian . swee hong . wan yin . yi lin . cheng yee . sook yee . penny . hui min . illy . pao . Kelvin . Alicia . kah min . aunty puppies . kla hooi . ter ren . siang ling . yuh jen . cuddly . mae hoe . jia hui . michy. everlyn . ee ming . chen seng . shin sar . sevvy . aunty jean . ostro . hooi chen . kaising . karen . tracy . susan . gopi . mugun . julie . monkey cousin . uncle . aunt . sun *the gf * . phei chuin . sharon . ee ling .those who sent me friendster testimonials . those who came into my blog and wish me . those I forgot to mention . those who wished me in MSN . Thank you everyone. It has been a great day and a great week for me. Thank you cause I can feel the love!!! * to be updated still*

Special thanks to Diana, Win, Cheng Ling, Jas Lyn, Yi Lin, Ngiap Ai and those who wishes me many many many times on that day. And let me be tai sai . Thank you Diana for featuring me in your multiply blog. Thank you Win and Cheng Ling for the necklace and card. Thank you Yi Lin and Ngiap Ai for letting me play the Poke-The-*insert your name* game. Hee. Thank you Jas Lyn for keeping my Doreamon tupperware. Thank you Che for the cake, the presents and the lovely dinner. Thank you. Can feel your love from here already.

I shall re-update my Birthday list here. Check out if you got me what I wanted.

1. The Fahrenheit Book RM 39.90 from Popular. But I decided to make it my Mid Year Reward gift. So can cancel this out. =P
2. The hokkien book. The one got proverbs one. RM 20++, MPH
3. Ang Pow *lots of them* (got three quite big ones. =)
4. Surprises ( Lots of surprises. I am a happy girl. Eldest sis, Pao, Win. You guys rawks.)
5. Lots of love and huggies. *Got it from sis and mum*
6. One nice and a bit more expensive one bag. (got it from sister. read here.)
7. Birthday party with loved ones *friends and family* (Had one with family. Read here. )
8. Something that comes from the heart.

CD List.
1. Lin Yu Zhong's In the Rain
2. Eric Lim's Left Side.
3. The Prince Yul one. John Hoon
4. the list goes on...
What I did not list but I got.

1. The red necklace that I thought of buying myself
2. A Mickey watch.
3. Presents from Pao

Some pics update. Don't ask me why I got messy hair. I didn't know when I was taking the pic. Besides, messy or not, it is still me. =)

Yi Lin, Win, Me, Cheng Ling, Jas Lyn *behind*
*front* Cheng Ling, Win, *behind* Me, Yi Lin
*same as above*
Us with the banner for the gathering. Win, Cheng Ling, Me, Yi Lin

Us in front of the spiderman, superman, shrek, banner.


Anonymous said...

So name wit'!!!' haha...but so sorry abt ur big day...i was too busy wit band stuf time to take pic wit u...end up dun haf any pic wit u on dat sori ping....anyway i guess u haf a nice day thou...i didnt manage to gif u any surprise also...really so sori la...

ItchyHandseng said...

Wah ur bday so cool 1.I also wan to have 1 like that .haha.I think i saw my name hiding in those long thankyou list of urs right?haha
Now should i say thankyou bak or welcome?

Wickedsa said...

happy belated birthday!!!
is my belated wish counted?hehe
hugs and kisses

Mrs Chong said...

wah.....kenot kenot...kenot forgive shan liau...heee...tml teman me makan sushi then forgive u... XD

chen seng: yea...its hidden somewhere there...Yea..this year was the love me bday..hope every day oso is my bday...wahahahhha..i am greedy...cin cai want to say kam xia, welcome apa apa u like ler...

babysa: hee..accepted!!! =) hee...thanks

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