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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sushi Outing

Our school had been the host for the Chess Competition recently and there are guys all over our school. It is really weird and hard to have guys in your school when all your life, you grew up in an all girl school. Anyway,I brought illegal things to school and so I had to keep them in Annie's car. Decided to go Sushi King with Shan and Win after school as there's promotion on. All on the belt at RM2 per plate. We were rushing like mad. Actually, I was rushing like mad. Running from the class to find Annie, got the car key, run to the car, get my stuff, run to Annie and return her the key, run with Win to find Shan Shan, Win led me to the wrong way, and then run back to find Shan Shan. It was a runny day. Hee, ignore my language. Anyway, Win bought karipap and we shared one karipap before going to Shan's house. Got to her house, bathe, run like mad again, changed, run down to her car and she drove us to Prangin. Her dad sat beside her.

My model-Swee Win. With her sushi

Reached Prangin, look into Sushi King, I love empty Sushi King. It wasn't too crowded and we made our way to Sushi King. Sat down, started eating. RM2 on the sushi *rice-based*. Win was acting rather crazily. No Sam, I did not take much on the food because we were busy comparing which sushi is bigger. *Win's idea.* Our eyes were on the belt and nowhere else. =P

Just like this. Hee. See? She did not eat the one she took and she was eye-ing on more sushi. Like they are free. =.="

We ate bout 7 plates each and we were too full to continue. Probably because we were laughing too hard at Swee Win's lawak acts. We then left Sushi King for a short shopping. There's nothing more attractive to Win than advertisement banners for food outlets. If you are a Penangite, I am sure you've been to Prangin. If you noticed, they have all those banners with pictures of food, their menu and stuff right? That was what caught Win's attention throughout the whole time we were in Prangin. She will go, " Ah, I want to eat this. Eh? Sure don't want to go to eat tom yam? Hey, they sell this, I think sure tasty one." Tell me, where to find such a cute friend? XD *have to put this else she will scold me for putting up her pictures*

Swee Win with all our plates. Yummy.

Then my mum came and they left shortly after that. It was a great outing and I love mixing with Win and Shan. If Cheng Ling went, we would be the empat sekawan. Bentengs rawks!!!!!!


weiwei said...

must got card ah??????

Mrs Chong said...

yes..muz got card

ItchyHandseng said...

I wan Eat Sushi.hahaha

Wickedsa said...

say oni wanna update her sushi and present post today....
she delayed again-.-

Mrs Chong said...

oopsie...hahaha..updated liau...sorry damn lazy mar..i dun like using laptop..thank god my PC is back now..heee...anyway, the sushi was worth it lar...i ate lots of fren ate lots of salmon..and we ate the RM6 sushi(s) for RM2 only..heee..

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