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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Surprise surprise surprise.

My mum came back, looking a bit sour face. I so scared la. She is very scary when she not smiling. Then she pass me a card. What is this? Hmm.. Ooo. Postman one thing. Is it Wah Keong send me things? I don't know.

Mum : Who send one?
Me : How I know? Don't know la.
Mum: When can take?
Me : Monday to Saturday la.
Mum : Sure or not?
Me : They put here one.
Mum : From where one?
Me : How I know?
Mum : You so char la.
Me : Hah? Ooo. Here like write New Zealand. Is it New Zealand? Pao send me things ah?
Mum : Grinning behind me
Me : Cis.

*In my heart.* Yippee yai yai yippie yippie yai...Heh. Singing. So gan cheong la. Don't know what is it. Some more must wait till 7th of April. The real day before I can get it. So gan cheong so gan cheong. So excited. How come Pao suddenly so rich with surprises. I wonder if Che and Mummy and all other people have surprises for me or not? Hee..

The card. Hee. Take a pic of it first. If not later the Pak Postman will take it d. =) Happy.

2 days to the happy day


ItchyHandseng said... fast got bday present dee

Mrs Chong said...

hahahaha..u dun make me even more gan cheong la...faster faster saturday come.. I want go get it happy... =) Sorry for over SS-ing here...but then really happy... XD

zewt said...

eh... who is pao?

Mrs Chong said...

Pao is my sister... =) She is now studying in NZ...

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