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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cuci mata, random chats.

Random chats in class.
She is again saying something bad bout us.
Win : I think she didn't have much friends when she was young lo. She likes to suan people
(Suan means sarcastically say something bad about someone.)

* I am still very angry cause she called us failures. I guess being a teacher to a bunch of failures isn't very good either.*

Got quiz.
Win : Eh, what are they counting? So busy one.
Me : Got la. Got counting one, cause got numbers.
* That is how blur we are to accounts. It was an objective paper with lots of theories but we have to do some counting too. But, oh well. We will never know. =) *

Another famous spot for cuci mata-ing would be the Farlim Night Market. There, you can see lots of stall with lots of teenagers. From a lil I-study-in-the-library-all-the-time to I-sleep-in-class punya face, all in one field. From red hair to pink hair to blonde hair to green hair to purple hair to of course, black hair like mine. You will have endless flow of couples, gang of guys or girls and aunties as well. Besides, you can see lots of things there. You can get anything from hair pins to clothes to VCD cetak rompak to pens to bags to crystal to food. It is a one stop night market I tell you. It is nice even if you have nothing to buy. I will make going to Farlim Night Market a routine to me after I finished STPM. It is gonna be so fun, who is with me? Anyway, because I was rather tired, I did not get anything other than pens. I would love to go hunting for the hair pins and other stuff though. Wait till I am financially stable once again alright? I do think this is a healthy activity and we should do it while we are still young. So, let's go pasar malam!!!

Note to readers: 3 more days to the happy day. If you are a very got heart (uh sim in hokkein) punya ahbu blog reader and you really really want to get something for ahbu but don't have the budget or ways to send to ahbu, you can anytime message ahbu in friendster and she will give you her MSN email. Then you can send her all JJ Lin Jun Jie's song. That would be a great present. Her computer kaput-ed on her sometime last week and she lost lots of songs. She is currently in love with JJ's songs once again and would really really love it if someone can send it to her. =) Put a smile on ahbu's face now!!!

Oh by the way, one should love animals. They are so tasty.


ItchyHandseng said...

haha.The pasar malam in cheras is more happening and got more girlz(guyz i dunno) to cuci mata.haha.Go there when u got the chance la.haha

Mrs Chong said...

haiya...sekarang tarak chance sekarang cuci mata near near my place dulu lo..ada chance baru pi sana yer???heee...

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