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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Adakah patut?

Jas Lyn: I am going off now. Be careful okay? Don't get kidnapped. If you get kidnapped, call me, I will contact the police. =)
Ping Ping: =.="

Anyway, had photoshoot today. School one la. I used to love these kind of things. I enjoy going out of class to take pictures and I usually get like 2 or 3 pictures taken only. This year, I think I got bout 5 and I've just taken 4 and I am hating it already. I still have one more to go but I think that will be in June. But I don't care when I will take the pic. The fact that I have to wait like some idiots for one hour just for the teacher to come is a big turn off. I actually wore my tie, take it out, wear it again, take it out again and wear it AGAIN before the teacher actually came. And after like one hour waiting under the sun for her, she came and *click click click*. It's DONE! Then I went back to class. Just about 10 minutes later, they called out my club name and I have to go down again. Of course this time I went for my break before going to the field and that makes my teacher waiting until she is frustrated. HOHOHO. Balasan. But damn, I don't like this anymore. We can take it ourselves for fun. But please don't ask me to stand there waiting like some dumbo. Looking forward for the pictures though. I wonder how we actually looked like. Hee.

On another note. Nothing to do with the above, to my friends, don't worry if I reply you an hour or two later. I never bring my phone near me especially when I am at home. So usually I'll reply few hours later. Win always get this from me. =)

ps: Please contact me at my friendster if you want to buy the coupons. Pretty please. The minimum is RM10. I will be very happy to sell those coupons to you. If you really decided to come and you are a good ahbu reader then buy from me ok? =) I just enjoy selling coupons. Heh. No, I want to know what the lucky draw items are and how lucky I am. =) So come come come. Come to SGGS extravangaza. For guys, you can come and cuci mata looking at SGGS students and also other school girls and for girls, you can come and cuci mata looking at the guys who came to look at the girls. XD Good cuci mata experience. Besides, it is only held every 2 years. And I heard there is band performing. Not confirmed but will reconfirm bout that. I heard Jean and Joshua Tan is performing. But it is just what I heard la. =) Will keep you guys up-to-date.

pps: I have not edit-ed the pictures. Will post them up in the next posting. Promise.

4 more days to a happy day!!!!!!!!!


ItchyHandseng said...

I wan go cuci mata hahaha.but i'm stuck in UM sobs sobs.Good luck in ur tickets selling.And i hate taking class and clubs photos too.

Mrs Chong said...

heee...nvm..u can always buy the ticket from me n donate to the orphans... XD interested? kidding..heee...u cuci in UM la...i love taking those photos...but not when you have to wait for one hour for the was so hot summore...summore hv to wear tie...melampau..

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