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Monday, September 01, 2008

With people I love and care most

At first we thought we will be able to get to know real good friends and click right away and then move away from secondary school friends. I was scared to death for that cause I love my secondary school friends. Now, I am not that scared anymore. No one can replace them leh. No one loves bowling, camwhore, window shop, gossip, stupid craps, kacauing one another, and understand me more than them!!!!!!

We are so very the sama spesies. I like. Anyway, we celebrated Yi Lin's birthday which reminds me, AH SHAN, HAPPY BELATED BDAY!!!! No dedication to Shan tim.

Me at coffee bean (kopi tau) drinking pure choc. First expensive drink. Bwahahaha, kiam siap extreme.
Birthday girl and me. Birthday girl busy talking.

Yi Lin and I. Orange orange. Actually I am orange and she is pink lor.

Yi Lin, me and ju-yen. Ju-Yen eat wrong medicine, keep perli me.

That ever pandai camwhore. One take enough already. XD

Ling Ling and I. I rarely got picture with her lor.

Half hooishan, me, yilin, lingling, jen waiting for evan yo. XD tarak lar!!!

Blur blur cuz jen eat chicken leg. hand shake. XD


Cai Min You come, take few pic and we go makan....

Neh, itu evan yo lor.

june and i at gurney drive!

shin take for us. eweyan, eeming and their friend also came.

at foodloft. Yes, we eat a lot!!!

Finally, shin nonit hold camera. kesian her only.

Yi Lin's bday cake by eeming and eweyan. Hard like rock. But very chocolatey lor. Luckily eweyan eat for us. Ha-ha.

Yi Lin paiseh cuz we sing song for her. =.="

I huff and I puff and I'll blow the house down. Yi Lin is actually a wolf. XD

Melting cake in coffee bean. Now you understand la why we cannot finish eeming and eweyan's brownies. Fat si.

Jen and I. XD

HS leaving. T.T 12th September. Leaving for UK. NOT ULU KELANG!!! So far, HS, you save money then come back and find us okay???We tak jadilah want to save money to find you. T.T

La~~~ I lazy blog. Do assignment and study la. Aiseh, everyone pia studies, I pia shopping. Cause sales. T.T


Anonymous said...

I fell in looooove with the chocolate cake at first sight.... (saliva dropping out the mouth continuously)

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: awwww...hahaha...cannot take for breakfast la... XD so late tak makan breakfast??? hor???yum yum...they heat it up for us...choc melt like that...OMG...

Jen said...

ping ping~~ i wan pic pic! :D

Anonymous said...

i regretted for not buying that black top lor !! abo i can wear to class ! T.T

Anonymous said...

eh cum u all neva eat so many times when i ada.. next tiem must makan banyak2 oso ok !! haha

Mrs Chong said...

ahwin: which black top??? Ha-ha. No, when u come back we all diet. XD Let u eat our share

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