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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Me time

I need a Me time. I always need a Me time. And it’s not hard to get a Me time in my family. In fact I got it all the time. I decided not to go out with the rest for dinner. It is not that I am being such a weirdo who rather sits in the room to eat her tom yum Maggie (though it is rather weird la like nerd like that.) I just having so much inside me that got me feeling suffocated that I just want to sit in my room, sigh as heavily as I can, and just be ME. Emo or not, it’s me.

I think I am a person who tries to seek for attention a lot. It’s like I often hope when people say Ok, it means Ok but I got surprise for you and they will appear on your doorstep with small things that touches your heart. I know, too much movie huh? It’s not going to happen in the real world. Ok means ok and sure means sure with no hidden meaning or other ending. I’m not being pessimistic, I’m just being realistic and yes, reality hurts.

I needed to blog so much but the horrible connection is killing me so I actually had to type it on Microsoft words and then paste. The noodle is not getting any softer. Unfortunately huh? Hard rock noodle is what I’m going to have. I am still feeling very tired with burdens on my shoulder. Hopefully when HBT100’s assignment is done, I can be the happy me instead of the emo me. I am not as strong as I try to portray. =(( Sad truth that is.

The noodle is not that good but the soup is superb. I am drinking mushroom soup. This tells that no, you DON’T buy TESCO’s soup. You buy Campbell’s. =)) A good dinner indeed. I am now a happy girl cause I found someone to talked to. Ok la, I talked and He just listened and kept quite. Just sat there patiently and listened. I love Him. He doesn’t question!! Thank you Lord.

Oh oh, I remembered a surprise that caught me speechless. That's when Emmoes came to my house to visit me when I was sick. I never expected it and well, I never let anyone to my house cause it's horrible. I was touched and I really really was speechless, embarrassed at that time but real thankful to God for sending me angels like you girls.

And also, Wei Wei is a blessing in disguise in USM. Without her, I think I'll be even more lost and really, I appreciate all this. I will never forget how Wei Wei brought me to library and selamba-ly brought me to find books for my first assignment, HBT 100. Then she always lends me her books (not boobs, FLAT OLEN), and she is really a blessing in disguise though she is a pain in the arse. XD

1 comment:

weiwei said...

wah i am crying now. BECAUSE U SAY I M FLAT OLEN!!! SHIT U I WILL NEVER EVER FORGIVE U OK HAHAHAHAHA. i dun mind lo if u wanna repay me with kfc. i tak takut fat wan ok hahahahhahahahahhahaha. blessing.. HAHA i am a nightmare to kok HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

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