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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I kena marah

First this year. =((

But I must be open minded, I must forgive and forget.

Sleep now, will be having test tomorrow. I will blog bout my handsome cousin when I got hold of the pictures. And my pretty cousin. Where they get the genes??? Never offer me a bit. Chieh.

For now, my blog will be a dead one. Till..... Tomorrow. XD


Good, now nonit sleep lizard near my bed... T.T I very sleepy la idiot....


reddaisie said...

also ur pretty sis

3w3yaN said...

y u kena marah ? from hsemate ?

Mrs Chong said...

paopao: -.-

eweyan: if she berani i fan min with her.. XD no la..some one bigger. XD

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