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Monday, September 15, 2008

Will i survive tomorrow?

With my 1001 symptoms of aunty visiting, will I survive a total of 6 hours class tomorrow?

I have to go 6 hours class instead of 4 because we have had too many holidays this semester and we have to replace our BM class or we can start wiping our ass clean clean to fail this semester's BM.

FAIL BM YOU KNOW??? NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE IN MY LIFE LOR!!!!!! Like getting one digit result for my Maths. I know, stupid ma.

Anyway, I've been feeling aches all over, my stomach is bloated and aiya, head till toe also not okay la. May God be with me tomorrow and I hopefully I can pull through that 6 hours of class. If I can, then I can go back at 3 on Friday. Else, I'll have to stay till 7. DOWAN!!!!

Cousin Monkey Chooi is leaving tomorrow. Bye bye koko, take good care of your money and don't simply spend, wait for me. XD

1 comment:

weiwei said...

i got 7 hours ok! summore wanna complain! thurs i got 6 hours ok! that is if i ponteng wus which i always do wtf.

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