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Sunday, September 21, 2008

I think Word Challenge beh syok me

Like this how to win Teoh Wei Wei??? They beh syok me la I think. T.T Ok, go write resume watch television.
wtf, I think Wei Wei bribe that short girl with popcorn. DARE TO EAT POPCORN STILL!!!!!!! Put poison inside. Die you, DIEEEEE.


Swee Win said... pity u
so nice to play kah.. hmm i oso wan go try d..u bribe tha girl with flavoured popcorns lor.. ahahahah

Mrs Chong said...

sweewin: VERY ADDICTIVE I TELL YOU!!!! Seriously. But damn nice. I rarely play games but this one, walao, i even fit it in my daily life. Like when I learn new words, I will think, this is good for Word Challenge. Although I've turned nerdy, I feel stupid la. I feel my other coursemates damn smart. T.T

Anonymous said...

I also played it but not as lihai as u... Agree that it's very addictive.. Challenge me and u can win anytime.. hehe..

Mrs Chong said...

HAHA...come come... XD Kidding. u added me in facebook??? Let's word challenge

Anonymous said...

Haven't add u in facebook..
im just a new member there.. hehe..
will search for u there.. hehe..

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