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Saturday, September 06, 2008

I am friendsick and Junior Outing

I am friendsick. T.T


I went to this CF's junior outing to Moonlight Beach where I had the bestest time ever. I finally blabbed about how miserable I sometimes feel in USM cause it's just so so different in so many ways. I wished I have shanshan, chengling, win, jaslyn, wanmei, suling, annie, diana or just anyone of them to share this with me. I'm glad Yi Lin is around. I really really thank God for weiwei and yilin. I've had the best time with them and really, I am less miserable cause of them.

I will update bout the trip again when I got hold of the pictures. I did not take many cause we were busy playing games but we have seniors who helped us to take pictures which is GOOD. I love PKA. XD They are camwhore like me. Guys and girls alike. XD

And and and...I don't know if it's just me or many other new Christians do the same.

WE OFTEN FORGET TO PRAY BEFORE MAKAN!!!!!!! And worst still when you with a bunch of old Christians. Luckily not yet makan. XD Imagine you were very hungry, then start eating then you see like 20 eyes staring at you. Korek one hole and hide. XD


Gypsy On The Move said...

pp, you got into USM?? oh my gawd! congratz! It's been so long i last talk to you!! *feeling the guilt*

Mrs Chong said...

Hehehe...yes, USM. Week 10 to be. XD More than two months here already. Time flies!!!!!

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