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Monday, September 15, 2008

Another lame uni life+ Mooncake Festival

What is Mooncake Festival to you? Well, it's just another day with probably some lame concert at my ex-housing area for kids. I have stopped celebrating Mooncake Festival since God knows when. Then why do I feel that emptiness when I saw people celebrating it and playing with lantern yesterday? I was secretly hoping that I was down there playing lantern or er....getting lanterns burned. Unless I got the battery one. *beams*

Life oh life. I'll be finishing my first sem in another month's time and I asked myself, what have I learnt? I've not gained much friends outside of my course or hostel, I am always lost and often alone, I don't know what I am studying when everyone else seem so SURE. I'm just afraid I guess. Perhaps what one of the senior told me is right. Somehow there's someone who will be slower than everyone else. It all happens and I just have to learn to be faster though I am slowest now. Besides, God is with me. He is preparing my way for me.

Whatever that happened, happened for a reason. And He knows what I need and He will provide. Yes, He will provide.

I'm so sick of this whole fishing village lar!!!!!!! Not much people will understand but I'm tired of looking at fishermen/women around, though I am aware that I am one of the villagers here and it means somehow one way or another, I am a fisherwomen. A not so successful one. Chieh, I am probably jealous. XD

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