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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Saw the debate team debating on my way back

Although my mandarin is those of the primary school kindergarten, I stayed back to watch a little. Their topic was, is letting go easier or accepting a new love easier? Which will you choose??? I personally think letting go is so much harder compared to accepting.

Especially when you are sad, you just broke up and you so needed a shoulder to just cry on, a guy came into your life, shower you with all the attention you crave for ever since the break up, whether you sincerely loves him or you unconciously take him as a replacement, it is so much easier to get into a new relationship than to let go of the past.

When you are in that new relationship, you unconciously try to shape him into that same guy who loved you before. Isn't this true?? I mean we can always be in a new relationship without letting go of the past. Of course until the new guy managed to show you how much he is greater before leaving and another one replaces him. It's a cycle no matter how we try to deny it.

What about letting go? Think of your past relationships, have you not think of what he would say or would do when you faces problems? Have you not think of what he used to say and how he used to treat you with tender love and care? Well, I am a person who cannot put down, which is why I am glad I am not a guy. Canto proverbs wtf.

Life moves on la...
I am not going back this week. Too much to settle. Sleep now and wake at 3.30 to do some assignments.


Anonymous said...

Oh, so the debate was about that.. I saw the debate too, but have no idea what they talked about and sempat cursed myself for not learning Mandarin properly during my primary school days.. Anyway, which team won? The one who said that accepting new love easier or letting go easier?

Mrs Chong said...

shud be the one saying accepting...i also think it's easier to say letting go is harder...


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