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Friday, September 19, 2008

Of pictures again

Haih, hidup susah dekat USM. Connection is so slow, I cannot upload photos when I'm in USM. I finally got back my camwhore vibe, thanks to my two buddies who don't mind camwhoring with me (some claim that they are not photogenic and refuses to take picture, apa nak buat?)

So, let's start with Cousin Monkey Chooi's second farewell and Mummy's late birthday celebration at Ingolf Restaurant (some German stuff) last Sunday.

When you are in my family, you take funny pictures. No? Lol, look at Mr. Lim for goodness sake. He'll kill me though. And I love my family because of the people in it. My sis, mum, aunt, grandma, cousin, cousin's gf and *roll eyes* sis's bf. I know la, I always complain bout them. Why ar? T.T Satan la.

The three ladies in my family in pink. Pao, Che, Bu. XD

Me and Sun pretending to look at menu. Or were we looking at menu? Hmmm...

That's Cousin Monkey Chooi (CMC) and his gf, Sun, and me. XD I was acting moody la.

The two little families. Aunt, Che, Pao, Me, Sun, CMC, Bu.

Me, Sun, CMC.

Me XD Camwhore camwhore.


I took this from Body Shop. Mummy went in to WINDOW SHOP and I took it. I MEAN IT OKAY??? This is to all my buddies, Emmoes and Bentengs and also to Wei Wei, that stupid Word Challenge enemy of mine. She is not stupid cause she won me. T.T

Read this and take it to heart that I mean it. I love you girls. Who on earth can replace you girls? Man, high school friends ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

A book I borrowed from USM library and am reading. XD So slow. I know. But it's good, it's really good. I've quoted a few lines from him and I like it a lot.

Another book I borrowed and planning to start after I am done with Morrie. I think I need to extend the duration of borrowing that book.


It's amazing how the three of us became friends la. I mean okay la, it's amazing how my two buddies can become friends and actually camwhore together. They both have heart of gold though. I mean they are both such a bully (they bully me) but they always say or offer help at the right time.

Like when I told them I got cramps, they offer to buy me food AT THE SAME TIME! And like although they bullies me, I can totally know they are joking and they would be there for me whenever I need them and I do not have to worry about them leaving me behind because there's better offer for them elsewhere.

You get what I mean? I can depend on them. How I wish everyone in the world can be less selfish for once. It doesn't happen in the real world. Apparently people like Wei Wei, Yi Lin, Shan Shan, Cheng Ling, etc etc (Emmoes and Bentengs), are the minorities. I am glad I've found them in my life. Seriously, you'll understand when you are in a university. So much sarcasms, me-first-s, selfishness, and i-am-better here. I'm so sick of it that think I've grown more anti-social than before. It doesn't help that I was quite an anti-social already before this. Sometimes I wonder, is really this one person better than the other? I don't know.

Angels sent by God. God, I KNOW YOU LOVE ME! I LOVE YOU TOO!!! They damn photogenic can die.


That's my room mate in blue and my hostel mates. Finally they are willing to camwhore with me. Life is sad when no one shares the same hobby as you do.

L-R, T-B: Me and Chin Wei, me and my room mate- Huey Chian, me and Sook Yien, me and Yee Teeng.

Taking pictures with really cool looking lanterns on exibits that night.

Performance. It was worth that RM3. Although we are again a bunch of anti-socialites who sat so far away from the crowd. Seriously, there goes my social status. We should start sitting WITH the crowd and not AWAY from the crowd. Even if we are not fishing or pretending not wanting to fish, at least we are not that anti-social right?

The left side of me. Wei Wei, Susanna and Yi Lin. This my darling are friends and love. =))

Why we camwhore so much? Because Ping Ping needs that extra dosage. XD

Taking pictures with candle-lit lanterns. Yes, me very excited cause me play battery one last time. T.T Damn sad case right? Apparently many people think I very fake (jia-jia *think I'm like them meh?*) when I say I've never played before candle one. Why la I so sad case one? I very clumsy ma. Born with 4 legs one me.

Mummy would never let me play the ones with candles. I've never had my candles lit up before. Besides, I've had those plastics one. With strong frame, so strong, you won't get your lanterns burnt because they won't cincai boncai collasped on your sad looking candle. Lol, Wei Wei understands my kesengsaraan.

I was totally bodoh about lanterns la. I berkurun-kurun tak celebrate already kay? I was very jakun but I've had my hands on that candle-lit lantern that night, CONGRATULATE ME ALREADY!!!!!

I was actually very scared la when I was holding the lantern. Can see I lift my shoulder up when I held that lantern. Very stiff. So tiring okay? To hold a lantern. So risau it'll burn off. Burn nevermind ar, don't kena people can already. I got poor hands and brains coordination kay? I later throw that thing too far and kena people how? So drama can.

Our lanterns. Me took picture of this using one hand ar. I feel damn power now.

More lantern shots because I told Wei Wei, this might be our last if we screw this one up. XD Why God send me a friend who is jakun like me? Jakun-ness overdose. We were shrieking okay when that lantern slide towards Wei Wei. We didn't know we had to coil that aluminium thingie around the stick. I thought Susanna was damn smart to think of that way to stop the lantern from sliding okay? Apparently, THAT'S WHAT WE ARE SUPPOSED TO DO. Don't laugh.

My orange lantern looks so pretty. Love the color of the lantern. So perfect for a shot.

That's me showing how I held that thing and walk back to Fajar Harapan. I was happy, excited, and really enjoying myself. Seriously, I thought that would be my last lantern okay? Perhaps I'll do it again. I am afterall more experienced now. If I burn it, I'll just resort to using the battery ones. I can even hum the songs. So pro right?

That's all. XD I think my blogspot sudah gila. I keep losing this last para. I was saying, that's all for this week's pictures. Hopefully there's more to come in the coming weeks. =)) Life in uni should be fun and enjoyable and not be filled with dislikes to other people. If only those people know about it and make it easier for everyone. Bah~ I think I am oversensitive but I think in a way, she is too insensitive. And they never seem to realise!!!!!!


weiwei said...

what photogenic?suan siao ah now? kok's clan ah now? hahahahahahha go kutip wang perlindungan in changlun with him la wtf. hmm i see alot of my name appear in this post lei.. seriously, ARE U IN LOVE WITH ME? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i know la u already terpukau by my charm HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA but sorry ler k.. aku sudah berpunya. namanya bang zam, si penjual burger WTF HAHAHAHA anyone in our course reads ur blog ah wtf

Mrs Chong said...

weiwei: I don't know eh...but I'll pass this blog post's url to everyone. XD Only this blog post. XD Bang Zam...OI, LOU PAN LEONG... WTF!!!!!!! sell burger oso u want. So desperate. Not in love with u okay???Tsk tsk, i am plotting how to win u in word challenge. Purposely make u happy then u will cuai and I will win.

BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. WTF, I was telling my mum Kok is A FEMALE!!!!!! Bwahahahahah..I hope kok is not reading my blog. XD

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