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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Finally, the winners have been announced

After more than 3 months, the winner for Project Trafford have been announced. Nicolekiss's team won if you want to know. Nevertheless, I am proud of what our team had came up with. A pat on the back for every BUMPERS. It was a great experience la. And heh, good money. XD

I shall re-link everyone here although my daily hits damn little. Act like I very sau foon yeng like that lar. XD Our team leader PinkPau. I totally changed my opinion about her blog after that. I used to feel lazy when I see her lengthy post but oi, damn addictive okay? Next is Clare. Whoops, I just found out about her dad's passing. Sorry Clare.

Then it's Justina, who is in US. Pretty wokay?? She enjoys dressing up and she always looks good in it one. Not fair hor? XD The guys are Bryan and Mr. Badak. Two Bs. Lol, Bryan is a Shouter like me and eh, he post about advertisement of room renting for gays only, I go baca now, kaypo. So open-minded already meh Malaysians. Mr Badak, man of few words but does his thing well. Come to think of it, he don't talk much either when we were doing that project. Or perhaps we are a bit too chi cha. XD

Ok la, finally the thing has ended. To tell the truth, I also forgot they have not announced winner cause the thing has dragged on for so long. =)) Hopefully Nuffnang kasi more chance lar. You know, having sales in the mall is nothing when there's no money. XD

PS: OI, I forget to congratulate, bukan jealous hor? XD Congrats Nicolekiss's team. XD So, jom kita pi celebrate, you all treat. XD


3POINT8 said...

Guess who is in Nicolekiss punya team.

Mrs Chong said...

aiseh...hahahaha...i know ler... XD i know u and simon seow right???two and Linora. Syok nampak, come, belanja. XD

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