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Monday, September 22, 2008

Malaysians have learnt to keep our mouth shut

I don't know bout other people but I think it's really really really normal for Malaysians to think that if they keep their mouth shut, and complain to every living creature after that, they will be fine. This is called brood anger management I think. Seriously, how many of you ever dare to complain about injustice in school??

Or if you don't like something, when did you ever dare to walk up to the person-in-charge and complain? More often than not, we keep the beh syok-ness (unsatisfaction) in our hearts and we go back we complain and complain and complain to everyone we know. My lecturer was talking about how we should voice out if we are not satisfied about one of the courses, WUS, which is compulsory for everyone to take in order to graduate. This course is like a HUGE HUGE money sucking machine, everyone complains about it, but none really expressed this to the lecturer. Except for Peter. XD

We had to pay RM10 to rent umbrellas and tables that they can easily reuse every single year for this Expo where we have to sell stuff. And if you are such a sucka in selling stuff, you'll lose money right? And you can't report in your assignment that you rugi. Die die also must say untung and these syok sendiri lecturers will think they have trained businessmen and businesswomen. I often say this, the real entrepreneur are not us, but the lecturer. Seriously, RM10 for that lousy umbrella that FOUR groups (RM40) have to share and lousy tables that TWO groups have to share?

And if that is not enough, we had to pay RM6 for ONE user name+password which enables us to access to the course's website and hand in our assignments. And we have easily 1200 students per sem??? Seriously, WHO IS THE ONE EARNING? I thought they are supposed to lead us and help us. And I DON'T FIND THAT COURSE USEFUL!!!!! The lecturer even mentioned that we can choose to hand in hard copy or soft copy and of course everyone goes and buy that code because we thought it'll be cheaper. BUT WALAO EH!!! Now a bit beh syok cause I bought.

And then again, I am a true bred and kiasi, kia cheng hu Malaysians. I keep my mouth shut. Seriously, if you managed to solve this problem, the other 1199 students might think you are cool, for one sem. If you bring troubles to them? You get 1199x2 eyes staring at you and cursing you. Can avoid tiok avoid la. I think Malaysians (unless sipek daring ones) will grow up as cowards with no principles and easily bullied bunch of people.

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