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Saturday, September 20, 2008

I think I very the malang

or I very the stupid lor. I've written on that Mamamia thing way way way earlier than many people but I think I forgot to submit lor. T.T Cause I don't think I win any tickets. My sis who wrote in much later (I asked her to), won 3 tickets. T.T Sipek suay arrrr....

So I don't think I am going to that show anymore. Chieh, don't get to camwhore, not fun. =(( Have fun la fellow Nuffnangers who are going to the Penang one. I'll just rot in my hostel room. =(( I think we have some makan-makan at hostel. Free. XD

Go talk to my sister, Pao Pao if you go. XD

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