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Monday, September 22, 2008

I won the Mamamia tickets too!!!

But I did not receive any email stating that I won the tickets. That's why I mentioned in earlier post that I did not win. My sis saw my name when she went to take her tickets. So here I am, sitting in my cold hostel room (it's really cold) and frowning cause I could have been there, camwhoring with the rest and probably get to know new people.

I don't know what went wrong but it definitely make me sad. =(( Perhaps it's just another reason for me to be moody. Haih, it's okay la, I've written few post but when I want to submit for contest, it either cannot load or got sucky connection. I'll get used to it.

=(( People are watching Mamamia and having the time of their life and here I am, typing. I hate this.

ps: I am in USM hostel, that's why I cannot go. If I am at home sure I fly there. T______T


electronicfly said...

Iya, wasted..

Mrs Chong said...

ya lor... T.T wasted. But mum enjoyed it with sis, at least they got to go. If they depended on my tickets, lagi teruk.

Simon Seow said...

huh, why your sis didn't bring you?

Mrs Chong said...

simonseow: cuz my mum and her boyfriend went XD So cukup 3 tickets, no extra for me.

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