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Friday, November 30, 2007

Freedom is just few steps away

Freedom is coming in 6 more days. Its coming. I can already smell freedom already. Do you know how does freedom smells like? It smells like the things we love. It can be of peppermint, flowers , fruits, stinky socks (I don't think anyone like it but oh well, this is something real subjective. so...) or anything you love. As long as you love it, it smells like that.

I was asking Wah Keong koko if he knows how does freedom smells like.

Me: I can smell freedom already.
Him: Yea...
Me: Do you know how does freedom smells like?
Him: Har??? I don't know. I am thinking of sleeping only.
Me: -.-" Everyday also sleep.

Adakah patut? Freedom smells like sleeping. Then I was having freedom during my exam also lar. At times I am so tired, I had 8 to 9 hours sleep when I do not have any papers. I once had 12 hours sleep okay? That was before my PA II. So morning wake up, kelam-kabut lar.

Anyway, as I've said, I practically merdeka-ed after Econs paper and went for shopping. My merdeka mood was still on this morning which will be very very very bad for my Accounts. I shall now kick off all the merdeka spirit and start studying. Go away, come back in 6 more days please. Thank you. I got myself a bag as I've said and I love it.

My bag. Adidas. I love the Nike one too. But this one is more special.

See la. The three dogs. Every day like that lor. You study like mad, they sleep so syok. =( Tidur mati one er. With angin sepoi-sepoi some more okay?

Swee Win and I. With the sweets she bought. From Germany kay? But too bad, got laxative effect if taken too much. *grins* I love the peach one.

Swee Win took a picture of me studying. I was really really unproductive today.

I should pack my bags now. I chose few clothes to bring along already. =) Packing packing. I first time pack stuff into that huge luggage bag okay? Usually mine will be like two baju, two pants, settle. Cause will go near near like K.L for two or most, 3 days two nights. Very long d okay? =P I am a happy girl. I promise to take lots of pictures. =) I love camwhoring. There's no rules that only beauties can camwhore right? Oh I love rules!!!!! -.-" Got people karaoke-ing at my place. I bet he is some uncle la. The song also like 50s. =S

1 comment:

Dragon said...

freedom, hmmmm smell like nothing. i want sleep also... not enough sleep!!! so tired.

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