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Friday, November 02, 2007

Garage Storage

Garage is a place where we put our car, right? That is why it is bigger and it is not inside our house but beside or behind our house. And that is also why we should find car inside and not something else. I understand that not much people have garage in Malaysia but I do come across houses with garage. I went into one of my friend's garage only to find that it is turned into a store room instead of a garage.

I see boxes and boxes of junks, pots, tool box (read: the one with hammers, screwdrivers and things like that inside), and well, absolutely no more place to put a car for God's sake. Her car is being parked outside while the junks, all inside. No shelves were built, no cupboard and no, the stuff are not organized. I do think that they really really need to utilize the whole place. Spaces are wasted and cars are in danger. Is your garage just like that? It might not be Malaysian trend to have a garage but if you have one, use it!

Car Guy Garage
is going to be such a big help for this. I have a feeling her garage is going to be a garage afterall. Let's just let storeroom remain as a storeroom and a garage, remain as a garage. Let them make your garage another room in your house. Get a proper storing cabinets for your garage and avoid accidents or junks piling up. Even if you do not have a garage, I do recommend you to have a look at the Car Guy Garage's website. I will definitely love to have such a beautiful garage. They even tiled the floor. So cool!!!!

Check out garage storage. Maybe what you are looking for is just right there.

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