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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I fake the date. So what?

I am writing this on the 8th but the event was on the 7th. So I decided to change the date. Can?
It is real hard to type this because my "enter" button is spoil. Have to stretch my short fingers all the way to the "enter" button at the numbers to press it. Heh. But short fingers mana can reach? So heee, moved my hand to the "enter" button to be exact.

Today (the fake one) is our last day as a student with other teachers and other students in school. We do not have to attend school anymore the following week. We were basically like pelajar terbiar la. We were asked to sit in the hall or any other places we like. As its the last day, we all bought rice, wedges, keropok lekor, drinks. Anything we can get in the canteen to eat. Canteen food is one of the nicest thing in school. Well, when every other thing suck other than the sentimental value for the school.

We wrote auto book, say our goodbyes to teachers who went Cameron for two days leaving us in school like some stray cats students, take pictures, eat canteen food and last but not least, watched a concert with a waste-money banner. I am glad they did not do it as our graduation concert or something. It was just for the fun of it I think. Form 6 are not invited actually. But we sat in the Laman Ilmu to watch lar. I thought the My School Rocks teams are going to perform. As you read the word I thought, I guess you know that it did not happen. I sat there for hours only to listen to some people screaming like they saw lizards (or maybe I saw lizards), some lame tarian gabungan 3 bangsa, some not very got standard fashion show (except for one girl name Pei Ern I think) and finally, a very very pathetic Rasa Sayang to end it all. Very pathetic I tell you. I do give them credit on their bravery to stand on the stage. I would have died of heart attack if I were to asked to perform. But come on, SGGS can do better right?

What's the matter? What happened to Georgians? I miss our batch of performers. Honestly, I've seen many many concert. Even my primary school's concert was better okay?? I think even my kindergarten concert was better. But, hee, kindergarten concerts are always good because we are too busy looking at those adorable kids dancing and mistakes make it even more adorable. But, well, it was sad la. Sorry to say. What a way to end my high school life. So tak memorable. =(

ps: I am not saying that I am a great performer. I am not a performer, I am a spectator. But, it was sad. Very sad indeed.

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