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Thursday, November 08, 2007

It is a blardy big deal to

buy your very first camera on your own. =) I love my camera. No Sony-T. Lin Yu Zhong, I love you, but not that camera. I bought Canon Ixus 860 IS at a very very reasonable price because my sis's bf is the shop worker's friend. Got la a bit discount. I am loving the camera although I have yet to explore the whole thing mainly because it is of my blood and sweat very own savings.

Basically today is all about getting the rest of our furnitures, getting the curtains done and buying my hot-stuff-camera. We got our tables in the room, got the guy, Sim, to check the dimension of our rooms and fit the furnitures in the picture, a sweet as rocking chair for granny and dining table. That was just the first stop. Then we went over to Mekio to look for the lights. Actually is opposite Mekio. We got our lights from Hup Soon Electrical. The shop may look small but it has really nice lightings and the lady was very very helpful and friendly. Our weak point. -.-

Then we proceeded to the curtain shop but we were not impressed, not even a bit. So we went over to Regent's branch (we bought all our furnitures from their branch in Chulia Street) to have a look. Again, we got all our furnitures from that shop because their things really fitted our taste, its is at a reasonable price and heh, the boss damn friendly lar. =) We like friendly people. So go over to Regent Furnishing Sdn. Bhd. if you need any furniture. Look for Sim, the boss I think. He is very friendly. So about the branch opposite Mekio, we went there and look around because Sim wanted us to go and have a look. Weak point, look see look see no harm mar. Well, we got our mirror there. A big one for living room. And heh, we got another sofa from that shop. Really classy looking and seriously, nice. So, we kind of like buy it and decided to forget about the other chair we paid deposits for earlier. That sofa was really tempting okay?

We then rushed to Gurney and got my camera. Not much to talk about because I basically sat down, told them the model, look, check, paid. Got S.H.E's Forever album and then went to the curtain shop. Another shop you should visit if you need to do a new curtain. It is situated near Gurney. Solok Bagan Jermal. Its like a bungalow. They are currently doing some promotion and seriously, go and have a look. Penang people, get your curtains done there. Their curtains are like so so so beautiful. And they hang all the curtains and cloth material everywhere in the whole house. All their cloth materials are made into real curtains and hung up. No more sample of cloth to look at or booklets. And their choices of cloth, choose till you also don't know which to choose. Nice nice nice. I love.

Today is a happy day with lots of things done.


Vietnamese guys are so handsome. Looks like Chinese. My place are full with Vietnamese guys.


Its not fair that I do not get to complain when my friends put up ugly pictures of me because I am afraid that they will say that I look that ugly in every picture!!! They on the other hand get to complain all the time. And then again, it might be my own thoughts only. I have low self esteem. I choose to stand behind most of the time when I am at some place I don't know because I hate the fact that people are looking at me from the back. So creepy.

ps: If there's any grammatical mistakes, please forgive me. I remembered I wrote something wrongly but I am not sure if I edited it. Not a very good sign when exam is coming. But anyway, forgive me la. I couldn't find it already.


Dragon said...

such a long post. take pic let me see the furniture mar...

Mrs Chong said...

Did not take pic la. I did not bring camera. I buy the furniture liau only buy my camera. Will take pic of my house when its done lor. Same nia. Even better, the furniture all in place d.

I dare not luan luan take pictures of people's shop names and stuff. Very boh lor eong I know. =P

Anonymous said...

pingggg....i sad liao..u no buy cannon ixus from me :( i'll be working this month end at gurney selling canon camera...but 860 RM1499 xD how much u bought

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